See the individual camp pages for costs.


See the individual camp pages for discounts.


There is a $50 penalty on returned checks.

There is a $25 late fee for registrations received on or after July 1, 2015 for the Instructional Position Camp.


See the cancellation policies page for details on cancelling a registration or leaving camp early.

Note: In the event of weather that threatens the safety of campers and staff, or that the University determines will cause severe damage to the fields, all campers will be moved indoors to the Bursley cafeteria for lacrosse video instruction and other activities. Every effort will be made to move sessions to other facilities if weather becomes a major problem, but the camp cannot guarantee alternate field and transportation availability. Although very rare, severe weather or constant rain can make local fields unplayable. The camp cannot be held financially responsible for weather that preempts scheduled sessions.

Camp Bank

A Camp Bank will be available in the Camp Store. It is highly recommended that campers deposit their money in the Camp Bank for safe-keeping. (The camp and the dormitory are not responsible for lost or stolen money unless that money has been deposited in the Camp Bank.) Bank funds are available as credit at the camp store or as cash withdrawals as needed. Unused bank funds are refunded at check-out. Bank deposits can be made by cash or check (sorry, no credit card or online bank deposits).